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Your #1 Choice in Spill Prevention Assurance

Product Absorption Containment Systems (PACS)

PACS was created to do three things: Detect, Prevent, Contain. PACS provides four products that are made for straight pipe, valves, flanges, and hose connections. Installation is made easy so anyone can do it, and it only takes one person! Below we discuss how PACS is used to Detect, Prevent, Contain.

We offer multiple options for the user to choose from so they can make sure they have the right product for the job at hand.


PACS uses a strong, durable clear material to protect the absorbent and to make it possible for the users to visually detect a leak if one occurs. This makes inspections much easier and is very efficient. Drone services are becoming more common and this would be a great compliment to those services as well. We are excited about seeing our product used on docks by the water. PACS would be a great product to use for pipes, flanges, and valves that are found both over waterways and land. This allows the user to visually detect a leak before it hits the ground, causing a mess.


By using our clear strong material to enclose the pipe, valve, or flange, we label PACS as a spill prevention product. PACS prevents material from touching the ground or water which saves our customers money in the long run. We like to say $200 could save you $200,000 because PACS does just that. We all know the protocol and procedures that we must go through as soon as one drop of oil hits the water. We make it possible to continue to be productive without the worry of going through those procedures.


PACS isn't just another absorbent product and this is why. Not only does PACS detect a leak and prevent it from becoming a spill, it also contains that material until you can get the problem fixed. We know how important it is to be productive and we work hard to ensure that you can continue to do that. We use premium absorbent material to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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Pipeline Defense is the best source for spill containment and cleanup products. Their service is awesome and they have unique products that we can't get anywhere else. Highly recommended! Scott W, Port Arthur, TX
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Finally, somebody created a product to prevent pipeline incidents before they happen. We are so happy that we can finally detect and catch spills on site before we have to visit the site. The PACS products are innovative and incredible! David W., Orange, TX